Overcoming my Anger

I was saved on October 11, 1989 and was baptized 15 days later. After receiving the Lord, I realized that I was another person, there was a great change in me.

I am an older person and I cannot read, but I have bought some audiocassettes. One of them is "The Overcoming Life." The more I listen to it, the more satisfaction I feel in my spiritual life.

I respect Watchman Nee and Witness Lee very much. I have been in meetings where Witness Lee shared; his speaking has been a blessing to my life.

One day my son brought a dog to our house. I did not want to keep the dog, but my son insisted, so I accepted it. Some days later, the dog broke one of my flowerpots. My son, realizing that incident, was afraid of my anger. He was astonished by my reaction: I did not rebuke him, I just asked him to pick up the pieces of the flowerpot. In that situation, I realized that I am another person. I have another life inside of me, which overcomes everything.