Donations may be made either by U.S. mail or electronically.
Checks sent by U.S. mail should be addressed to:

The Church in Orange
P. O. Box 5985
Orange, CA 92863

Please do not send cash by mail.

If you can only donate cash, please give your offering to a responsible brother, who will then pass it on to the designated brothers on offerings.


Giving Online

Option 1: via Zelle

You may send your offering electronically using ZellePay®. Most banks support ZellePay® to make electronic payments. You must use your online account or bank's mobile app  to use this feature. Zelle does not charge a fee for their service. The church in Orange is registered in Zelle under the following phone number:

(714) 883-4569

Use this phone number to identify "The Church in Orange Corporation" as the recipient.

Option 2: via your Financial Institution's Bill Pay service, you can send checks to:

The Church in Orange
P. O. Box 5985
Orange, CA 92863

Option 3: via PayPal

One-time and recurring donations can be given through PayPal via a PayPal account or a credit or debit card as described below.

Using this "Donate" button, you can:

  • Give a one-time donation. Your one-time donation can be either designated or undesignated.
  • Give an unending recurring monthly donation. However, you will NOT be able to designate the purpose of your recurring donation if you use the "Donate" button.

Detailed instructions

To submit a secure designated or undesignated ONE TIME donation or an undesignated MONTHLY UNENDING RECURRING donation through PayPal via the "Donate" button above, please:

  • Specify the amount of your donation.
  • Check the box "Make this a monthly donation" ONLY if you want your donation to be monthly and unending AND if you do NOT want to specify a purpose for (designate) your donation (that is, you are giving to the church in Orange's general fund). (NOTE: At present it is not possible to designate a monthly recurring donation using the "Donate" button.)
  • To designate your one-time donation for a specific purpose, click on the text "General or designated offering?" and type a clear, brief description. Undesignated offerings will be used to meet the general needs of the church.
  • To complete your donation you can either:

    1. Log in to PayPal (if you do not have a PayPal account, you can register for one); OR
    2. Donate with a credit or debit card.

A receipt for your donation will be sent to you by email. Please keep any receipt you receive for tax purposes. For instructions on how to cancel or modify your recurring donation, see below.

Note: Paypal charges 30 cents per transaction and 2.2% of the amount of the transaction. So if an offering of $100 is made, the church will be credited with $97.50.

Canceling or Modifying Your Recurring Donation with Paypal

Specifying a recurring donation will set up a pre-approved recurring payment in your PayPal account. To cancel or modify this recurring payment, log in to your PayPal account, click on the "Settings" button (wheel) and then on "Payments" and "Manage pre-approved payments." To cancel your recurring donation, click on the payment to the church in Orange and cancel it. In order to change the amount and other details of your recurring donation, you must manually cancel your old donation and set up a new one on this page.