Encontrando las iglesias locales

I was saved in 1979 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. After being saved, the group of believers who I met with became Baptists. In this group there were a lot of rules and legalisms, as well as distinctions between different groups in the church. Such things did not satisfy me at all.

In 1981 some Christian brothers who knew the local churches in the U.S.A. came to Monterrey to share about the church life. I could see the life and the enjoyment in these believers while they shared what they had experienced. My eyes were opened to see many things by the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

In 1985 I went to Irving, Texas to attend my first Bible training for ten days. In this training I was completely convinced by this ministry, through seeing the Body of Christ expressed universally; that is, many Christian brothers and sisters from different countries were present with no race discrimination. We were one, and I could see the oneness among all the believers.

I have been meeting with the local churches since 1981. At present I meet with the church in Orange, California, where I have had more exposure to the ministry of Witness Lee. The ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee helps me to understand the whole Bible and see God's heart's desire. I can testify that they loved God's heart's desire, and lived a life serving the Lord until they went to be with the Lord. These dear Christian brothers helped me to enjoy the Lord to the uttermost, to touch my spirit, to love all believers, to know more of the wonderful Christ in the Bible, and to remain in the church where rest, peace, and enjoyment are found.