Dios me rescató

I always thought that God was away from me, and I was away from Him. I believed in God's existence because I saw nature, the sun, and the skies. I was Catholic because I followed my parents in their religion. As I was growing up I began to watch how people would behave, and how many religions would speak about God; however, I did not have any relationship with God. Then one day the Lord Jesus called me through the gospel, I called His name, I received Him, and I was baptized. I realized that the man nailed on the cross now dwells in my spirit. He is not dead, He has resurrected, and He became the Spirit to give life to every one who believes into Him, so they can be saved and have eternal life.

I have found that I can taste the Lord by reading the Bible (I am fed with God's Word). Before, I never felt such sweetness in my spirit when I heard about religion. Now, I know that God is not a religion. He is a real living God. I thank Christ Jesus, the Son of God for paying for our sins. I thank brothers Watchman Nee and Witness Lee for ministering God's Word to us. I especially give thanks to our Father God Who has begotten us.